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BA Economics

Under Graduate Courses


Department of Economics, St. Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva, offers Under graduate Degree in Economics with Political Science and Mathematics as complementary course. The combination of Economics, Political Science and Mathematics is rare in colleges under Mahatma Gandhi University. The course provides a good foundation of all basic branches in Economics like Micro & Macro Economic Theory, Development Economics, Public Finance, Banking, Finance, International Economics, Issues of Indian Economy, Quantitative techniques and Econometrics. The Programme offers Business Economics as the Choice Based Course.

The Programme is structured in a manner that it provides in depth theoretical knowledge of Economics and also ensures that the students are equipped with the basic techniques required for carrying out practical analysis of economic issues through quantitative and econometric methods. The department also offers immense opportunities for practical application of knowledge through study visits and socio economic surveys.

Job Opportunities

Students successfully completing the course can pursue post-graduation in Economics, Development Economics, Econometricsetc and can opt for a career in civil services or varoious government bodies and also in banking, insurance, market research etc.


Under Graduate Courses