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Bsc Zoology model I & II

Under Graduate Courses


The department takes a multidimensional approach to teach Zoology across various scales. The department offers undergraduate programmes in

  • Zoology Model I ( Zoology as a core subject, Botany and Chemistry as complementary subjects) and
  • Zoology Model II (Zoology as a core subject, Medical Microbiology as a vocational subject and Biochemistry as complementary subject). 


A spirit of exploration and collaboration is instilled in the young minds across all areas of Zoology during the three-year graduate programme. All undergraduate students pursuing B.Sc. Zoology programme will follow the curriculum prescribed by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. 


Scope & Features

We aim to generate new knowledge in the field of animal science and explore its applications to address societal problems. Students are exposed to frontiers of Zoology through seminars, conferences and workshops. Every year, visits to renowned institutions, laboratories and wildlife sanctuaries are being organized. Learning in the field is emphasised through field-based projects and surveys in association with Kerala Forest Department and other agencies. Our students help scientists in recording and analysing data through their participation in Citizen Science projects. Every year, students of the first year are given special training through a bridge course to acquaint them with laboratory instruments, techniques and biosafety protocols. Students enrolled for the Zoology Model II programme shall undergo rigorous training in medical colleges or reputed hospitals under On Job Training (OJT) programme on the latest state-of-the-art medical microbiological techniques. Our department is funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India under DBT-STAR College programme from 2017 onwards. 


Job Opportunities

After undergraduate programme most of the students pursue M.Sc. and many opt for PhD in Zoology. Candidates after M.Sc. and PhD find opportunities in government departments, environmental agencies, schools, colleges and universities, microbiology and biochemistry laboratories, environmental/ecological fields.

Syllabus Model 1

Syllabus Model II

Under Graduate Courses