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Endowment prizes and scholarships


  1. Post Metric Scholarship (Christian, Muslim students 50% Marks) Income Limit 2 lakh ,Rs 3000/-Yearly
  2. Central Sector Scholarships 80% Marks,  Income  Limit  4 ½ lakh, Rs 10000/- yearly
  3. Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship 50% Marks, only BPL Family Rs.10000/- yearly
  4. C H Muhammadkoya Scholarship (Christian, Muslim Students 50% Marks) Income limit 2.1/2 lakh, Rs. 4000/-Yearly
  5. State Merit Scholarship 50% Marks , Income limit 1 lakh,  Rs 1250/- yearly
  6. Hindi Scholarship60%Marks , No income limit, Rs 5000/- yearly
  7. Blind/Physically Handicapped Income below 25000,  4800 yearly
  8. Higher Education Scholarship , on merit basis    I Year   10000/-yearly

II year Rs.12000/

III year Rs.18000/-

  1. Single Girl Child Scholarship only for PG students , 20000/-yearly
  2. Inspire Scholarship only for science group students, on merit basis, Rs.60000/- (20000 for project work)
  3. Snehapoorvam scholarship for Orphaned Children, Income limit 24000/-  1000 Per month
  4. Cultural scholarship
  5. Fisheries Scholarship for the children of fisherman
  6. Full fees concession to OBC students, Annual Income limit Rs. 1,00,000/- per year for Degree
  7. Full fees concession to socially and educationally backward class (KPCR) , Annual Income per year Degree Rs.1,00,000/-  ,P.G. – Rs.1,00,000/-
  8. College Co-operative Society Scholarship , for deserving Students (Degree and P.G.)

Student Aid  Fund: Student  Aid Fund caters to the needy and the less privileged. The most deserving students benefit from this scheme. The amount collected from the students is being distributed Department wise.