General Rules & Regulation

(As perMahatma Gandhi University’s Students Code of Conduct Rules – 2005)

Mahatma Gandhi University Students Code of Conduct Rules – 2005 introduced vides UO. No. 162/2004/2/Elen dated 16 February 2005 has laid down rules for maintaining discipline in all colleges affiliated to the university, which will be binding on all students of the college.

The university order prohibits political activity inside the campus. Political activity is defined as “ any act, activity or conduct by any student in a college by which political ideologies of any political parties recognized by the election commission are preached, professed, imparted or disseminated by speeches, visible representation or other means of communication whatsoever”. Prohibition on political activity inside the campus means the following:-

  • No student of a college shall get herself involved in any political activity by himself or abet the said activity to be carried on by fellow students inside the campus in any manner whatsoever and any such activity is hereby banned inside the campus.
  •  Taking part in any political activity by organizing students or gathering inside the college campus for the purpose of doing any activity as defined in Rule 4 (6) shall constitute serious indiscipline. Every member of such a gathering shall be individually liable and responsible for the gross in disciplinary action against students who indulge in the aforesaid activities.
  •  It shall constitute gross indiscipline to call for an appeal to strike based on policies and ideologies that may be preached by the political parties or their sister organizations or student wings. The participants in the strike as aforesaid shall be dealt with by the disciplinary authority and they will be punished as per the rules stated above.
  • No student of a college shall stage or indulge in any activity like Dharna, Gherao, and obstructing entry to and from any class room, office, hall or other places inside the campus and such activities shall be treated as misconduct.
  • No student shall shout slogans inside the class room, office or any other place inside the campus and obstruct or cause disturbance to everyday functioning of the institution.

General Rules of the Institution

  • The Management of St. Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva reserves all right to grant admission to students and its decisions shall be final and binding.
  • Students are (strictly) not permitted to carry Mobile Phones, Tab, Cameras, IPods, MP3 Players, or any other gadget to the College. Students can bring their mobile phones in emergency cases with prior permission of HOD and the same has to be surrendered in the department before commencement of class.
  • Students have to wear the Identity Cards issued by the College throughout their stay in the campus. Entry to the campus will be allowed only on production of Identity Cards to the security personnel at the College gate(s).
  • Any loss of Identity Card has to be reported immediately to the College office and application for new Identity Card needs to be submitted with the required fees.
  • Students of one class are not allowed to enter into any other class without prior permission from the faculty.
  • Students shall make every endeavour to keep the College buildings, facilities and campus clean. Students are requested to use the dust bin and should not throw anything in the classroom or corridor or keep waste or personal things inside the desk.
  • The students are not allowed to sit in the railings or on the steps of staircases, lean on to the walls or to enter prohibited areas.
  • Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, and painting on the walls, desks or any other facility of the College.
  • Students found guilty of damaging, destroying College property shall be penalised and asked to replace the same at their own cost.
  • Students found using drugs or liquor or any other contraband material shall be dismissed immediately.
  • Students should not participate in political or communal activities.
  • Students and parents shall co-operate with every activity of the College during and outside the College hours.
  • No activities or functions shall be taken up by the students in the College without obtaining prior permission from the College authorities.
  • Students found guilty of using foul language or behaving rudely towards the staff members or fellow students will be expelled from the College.
  • Students are advised to read notices put on the notice board. Ignorance of any notice thus put up will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.
  • Ragging is banned in the campus. If any student indulges in ragging, criminal action will be initiated against that student.
  • Students are permitted to the College office during the Intervals / Lunch Break / after 3:00 PM for official work and payment of fees.
  • Students are not allowed to wander in the college campus during the class hours. Strict action will be taken if found so.
  • No student is to represent the College for any event outside the College Campus without being sent or directed by the College.
  • All students attending events outside the College are expected to carry oneself in a befitting manner with discipline and decorum.
  • Students shall strictly wear uniform and college ID for university examinations

Academic Hours

  • The regular class hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • The first bell of the day is rung at 8.50 AM and there will be a prayer at 8:55 AM, followed by the first hour of class at 9:00 AM.
  • There will be a warning bell before the commencement of each session, while the students are to go to their respective classes and take their seats and be ready for the classes.
  • The students are expected to remain strictly in silence within the classroom in between the class hours, while waiting for the faculty or in cases of the faculty being busy with other duties or absent from duties. The students are not allowed to leave the classroom during the class hours.
  • Only the short break and the lunch break may be used for visiting washrooms and for drinking water.
  • Emergency needs and situations are to be brought to the notice of the faculty immediately.
  • Late comers will be marked absent for the entire hour and no grievance will be entertained in this regard.
  • Students are not allowed to enter staff room or other class rooms unnecessarily or without the prior permission of faculty. Student will be solely responsible for the issues arising afterwards.

Dress Code and Etiquette

  • Students are expected to attend the College neatly dressed adhering to approved etiquette.
  • The students must wear College uniform on all days of College except on Wednesdays.
  • Students wearing colour dress on other days except Wednesday will be fined.
  • The students should not alter the College uniform at any circumstances.
  • If any student alters the College uniform, the student will be penalised and shall be instructed to buy new one(s).

Attendance and Leave

  • University and College rules require REGULAR ATTENDANCE for both theory and practical hours. Attendance is noted for each period at the commencement of the class.
  • A student who is not in the class when attendance is taken shall be marked absent. If a student absents oneself even for one hour, she shall lose attendance for that entire session.
  • For attending pre-planned events and programmes, prior permission for leave needs to be taken. In case of emergency situations of illness, etc., the parent / guardian / warden of the hostel has to inform of the absence to the faculty in-charge over telephone by 9:00 AM.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the college premises between the college hours. In case of emergency, parent/ guardian has to report the college personally and take the child along with them. Student will not be allowed to leave alone at any cause.
  • Only the Leave application format available in the College handbook shall be used for applying for leave. The leave application signed by the student and one’s parent / guardian / warden of the hostel should be submitted in advance or on the first day of his / her return to the College after the leave to the faculty in-charge. The student has to explain the reason for absence to the faculty in-charge and then take the leave application for approval of the Head of the Department and submit the same to the faculty in-charge. No student is allowed to attend class without getting the leave approved. In case of absence on medical reasons, the student should produce a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  • Periodic intimation will be given to the parent / guardian of the student regarding the information about attendance and suitable action. The attendance of every student will be summed up at the end of each semester.
  • No student is allowed to take leave during Tests or Assignments or exempted from them.

Library Rules

  • Strict silence should be observed in the library.
  • Only the members of the staff and students of the college are entitled to the use of the library. (UG/PG students from other colleges, research scholars and the general public can also access the resources of the library on producing their ID’s and a letter of introduction from the heads of their institution. Prior permission of the principal of this college is also mandatory)
  • Students are allowed to only take paper/writing materials into the library. Books, umbrellas etc. should be left at the entrance.
  • No person shall write upon, tear out or make any mark on any book or article belonging to the library.
  • Each student will be provided with two borrowers’ cards (PG Students – 4 cards) which are not transferable. One book can be borrowed at a time against each card. On return of the borrowed book, the card can be retrieved from the library.
  • Students are expected to take care of the cards issued to them. A student to whom the cards are issued will be responsible for all the books borrowed against that card. All the issued cards must be submitted to the library on gaining No Dues Chit/Clearance certificate from the library.
  • Students shall return their cards at the end of the particular course/or when the librarian asked to do so.
  • If a book is damaged or lost by a member, she shall pay the cost for replacing the book (three times). If one volume of a set of books is damaged or lost by a member she must replace it with a copy of the same edition. If it is not available she shall replace the whole set. If a lost book is recovered after having replaced it or paid the value there of, the member shall not be permitted to return it to the library and get back the new copy or its price.
  • The librarian can recall from a borrower any book at any time.

Disciplinary Action

The power to take disciplinary action against a student is inherent with the Principal. The Principal is empowered to inflict the following punishments in the interest of students of the institution:

  • Fine
  • Loss of attendance
  • Loss of term certificate
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion