The College Union

The college union is an elected body of students of the college for the promotion of the practice of democracy and leadership.

The college union activities offer students opportunity to grow in cooperation with others in areas of personal and academic interest and in areas of service to fellow human beings. The college union consists of chairperson, vice chairperson, general secretary, arts club secretary,
magazine editor, two university union councillors,three representatives for UG and two for PG. the union functions under the guidance of staff advisors appointed by the Principal.

The college has sectional associations in each department. The college students council or more popularly known as the Union brings the best out of the students by organizing events and competitions and the best cultural department is announced at the end of the academic year.

An ever rolling trophy is handed to the department each year. The term of the union is generally one year from the date from which the union assumes office or till the date of elections to the union in the subsequent year.

College Students Council Advisors

  • Ms. Sruthy Francis M.
  • Dr. Tinsy Rose Tom
  • Dr. Surya P
  • Ms. Jomsy Thomas