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St. Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva is ever conscious about being a good steward of the environment along with pursuing its higher educational goals. A Green living habit helps in making the planet more sustainable and more liveable, making it fit to live in. The institution tries to engrave the green movement into its regular pattern. Hence, the institution has included Green, Energy and Environment Audit in its policy documents ensuring its focus on applying it in the course of action.







With a motive to ensure green movement, the institution conducts a green and energy audit once in every two years internally. The department of Botany is in charge of the internal audit in which the faculty and the students form the committee who take active strides in strictly analysing the green practices of the institution. The report along with the recommendations and proposals for corrections and further improvements are submitted by the auditing committee to the Head of the Institution which is communicated to the staff and students and displayed in the college website.

The institution also conducted two external audits in the periods 2020-21 and 2021-22 in collaboration with Advanced Centre of Environemtnal Studies and Sustainable Development, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The personnel from the external agency visited and stayed in the campus to study the campus ecosystem and to analyse the practices of the institution in terms its utilisation of energy and water resources and its green practices. The detailed reports submitted by the external agency was studied by the institutional authorities and corrective measures are taken and appropriate interventions are done to improve the sustainable practices of the institution.



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