English with Mass Communication & Journalism (Double Major)

English with Mass Communication & Journalism (Double Major) programme aims to provide students with opportunities to hone their communication skills in various professional contexts in a global environment that employs multiple modes of communication. This course provides students with a wide spectrum of skills for specific corporate and creative sectors—including advertising, business and public service.

The Communicative English Course was launched at St. Xavier’s College for Women in 1996 under the auspices of the English Department. In 2015 the department was relaunched as an independent department with an aim of inculcating media culture among students. The Department of Communicative English offers a double main programme with equal emphasis on literature and communication studies. The course seeks to teach communication/language skills in interpersonal relations as well as concentrate on training in print, broadcast and web journalism. 

The curriculum also includes Visual Media Studies and Public Relations. Workshops and interactive sessions are held by eminent experts to give the students a concrete idea about the immense field of communication and its vast potential.  In addition to this, the students are also made to undergo an internship thereby giving them hands on experience to the world of work.

Bachelors programme in English Literature and Communication Studies provides hands on experience in the realm of radio and journalism with Radio Xav and Xav Voice, as a result of which our students have consistently performed well in their internships with eminent media houses. It helps the students to discover the finer nuances in the art of journalism. It gives them an idea on report writing, feature writing, editing and knowledge about the jargons in media. Hosting the weekly radio show has helped the students to understand the demands of the career, brush up on their general knowledge, pronunciation, people skills, presence of mind and clarity of speech and time management skills. 

Over the past couple of years, our students have produced  short films and documentaries which gave them a chance to experiment with the visual medium. They also receive training in  production of  short films, scriptwriting, composing shots, camera movements, editing and post production.


Working as an intern in an organization while studying is the perfect way to learn and get a quick look into the ‘real world’. The internship program provides  students with opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipment and documents. In effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about her chosen field and practice what she has learnt at the institute.. We encourage our students to intern with different media organizations. Media internships facilitate them to become an expert in community relations. 

Audio Visual Studio

         Our audio visual studio is a facility which fosters creativity and excellence among students. It enables them to avail the benefits of the latest multimedia facilities. It is equipped with video editing and audio recording facilities. This room functions as the headquarters cum recording studio of Xav Radio Our Campus Radio station which goes on air every week.

Radio Xav

Introduced in the year 2015, Radio Xav- the campus radio  operated with the aim of broadcasting educational and cultural activities of the week. It goes on air every Thursday at 12 noon. Every program is based on the most popular topic trending that particular week . It also gives students the opportunity to send personalised birthday wishes and even dedicate their favorite songs to their friends and loved ones.

Department Activities 2019-2020