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“ Retirement is not the end of the road, it is the beginning of the open highway” said one unknown genius. The retiring lecturers of St. Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva who had regarded the institution as a ‘home away from home’ decided that nothing could stop them from being a part of this large family. Thus was born an organization of all those who retired after working together for three or more decades. It was Prof. Rita, who christened this association with a fitting name – RELAX. 

 RELAX, was inaugurated by Mrs. Thomas on 20.03.2002. Any retired teacher of the college can be a member of the Association provided that she requests for a membership and undertakes to abide by the Constitution of the Association.

The Objectives of the Association shall be

i) To work for the well-being of the retired teachers generally and the retired teachers of the college in particular.
ii) To work, to preserve and enhance cordial relations in between the members and in between the members of the college.
iii) To assist members in their problems morally and financially and in such manner as decided by the Association.
iv) To undertake such activities for the benefit of the students of the College for bettering the environment conducive to their education, giving assistance to the needy students etc.
v) Conduct classes, seminars, workshops, competitions etc. and offer prizes, awards, scholarships, grants etc.
vi) To undertake such activities for the good of public in general and to participate in philanthropic and human rights activities.
vii) Associate with other organisation with similar objectives and aims.
viii) Do any activity in furtherance of the above mentioned aims and objectives.

The Association is administered by its Constitution and Executive Committee. The committee shall consist of the following office bearers.
a) President
b) Vice President
c) Secretary
d) Joint Secretary
e) Treasurer

The committee shall have apart from the above office bearers, representative from each departments. The Principal of the College shall be the Ex Officio Member of the Association. The General Body of the Association shall consist of all the members of the Association. The decision of the General Body shall be taken at a duly called General Meeting and the decision of the majority.The General Body shall meet a least once in an year and the said meeting shall be called the Annual General Body meeting and such meeting shall ordinarily be held in the Second Saturday of the month of February of every year. The committee shall meet as often as it is found necessary and at any rate at least once in every three months.

The elected office bearers of the Association for the year 2020-21 are as follows:
a) President : Rev. Sr.Infanta
b) Vice President : Prof.Vimala Cross
c) Secretary : Prof. Sumangala Devi
d) Joint Secretaries : Prof. Ambujakshy.P
e) Treasurer : Prof. Annamma Mani

The Elected Departmental Representatives of the Association for the year 2020-21 are as follows:

1.  English : Prof. K M Mary
2.  Malayalam : Prof. Ambujakshy P.
3.  Hindi : Prof. Gomathy Ammal
4.  Mathematics: Prof. Omana
5.  Physics : Prof. Emily Titus
6.  Chemistry : Prof. L K Kalliyani Ammal
7.  Botany : Prof. Annamma John
8.  Zoology : Prof. Vimala Cross
9.  Economics : Prof. Phelixa C.P
10. Commerce : Prof. Mercy Varghese
11. Physical Eduation : Prof. Sobha