Grievance Redressal Cell

This Cell is functional, with the principal as the head and three faculty members as
coordinators. It addresses the sensitive areas that need patient listening, understanding, care, and, of course, redressal in the form of needy action. The pulse of all stakeholders is accessed
through open, uninhibited written suggestions.

It is functioning according to the following UGC norms:.
1. All complaints are first addressed by the Grievance Committee, whose composition is as follows:
a. The principal of the college, Chairperson
b. Three senior faculty members nominated by the principal of the college.
c. One student representative nominated by the principal of the college.
The tenure of the members shall be two years.
3. The quorum for the meeting shall be two.
4. The committee shall send the report and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor of the
affiliating university within a period of 15 days of receipt of the complaint.