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Microbiology Association Inauguration & Association activities 2020-21

Microbiology Association Inauguration & Association activities 2019-20

The Microbiology association was inaugurated on November 22nd  2019 by Retired Agricultural Officer Mr. E.M. Ali by watering the tree sapling. Principal Rev.Dr.Sr.Shalini delivered the presidential address.

The association activities were as follows:

  1. A talk on “Environmental awareness practices” by Mr.E.M. Ali
  2. Say No to Plastic” Campaign by distribution of cloth bags to the students.
  3. Planting of tree saplings at Aluva Palace.
  4. Distribution of Cloth bags to the local people of Aluva.
  5. Communicable disease during rainy season-Pamphlet distribution to local people of Aluva, Perumbavoor&Alangad.
  6. Students attended the Cloth making bag session by Smt Mercy.
  7. As part of the academic week Mr Jose Jacob gave a talk on Yoga& Environmental Sustainabilty .
  8. AluminaeNefla N and Rino Teresa Varghese gave a Motivational talk to First Semester MSc students.
  9. As part of Interact programme Miss Jilju Jacob gave a powerpoint presentation on Refilling our water resources toMaths department
  10. MSc Students where part of NavadarshanProgramme
  11. The department contributed an amount of Rs.2000/- to Haemophilia Treatment Centre, Aluva as part of extension activity