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Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.) is a formal organization composed of parents and teachers that is intended to facilitate parental participation in an institution. It is a mandatory association in Affiliated Higher Education institutions. Parent Teacher Association of the College is an active body giving constant support in all the ventures of the college in academic, non-academic as well as infrastructural development. The Principal is the president. The Vice president is elected from among the parents. The secretary is elected from among the teachers.

Under PTA’s patronage and whole hearted co-operation all developments within the academic and non- academic area take place.The PTA Executive Council meets at regular intervals and the annual general body meets and ‘open – houses’ (held by each department) offer venues of sharing and interaction.Positive and negative feedbacks are openly discussed for timely improvement and correction.Generous allocation of PTA funds has helped the college with better facilities like generators, computers, water cooler, inverter, overhead projectors and a well-furnished seminar hall etc.

Rules and Regulations


P.T.A. Executive Committee Members 2019-2020

No. Name Phone Number
1. Rev. Dr. Sr.Geege Joanamma Xavier (President) 9746481823
2. Mr. Sebastian P.S.(Vice President) 9495128930
3. Mrs. Mariya Lincy PL (Auditor) 7994797621
4. Mrs. Sunitha Rajesh (Joint Secretary) 9539234725
5. Mr. Joseph C.J. 9847015978
6. Mrs. Sindhu Balachandran 9744899391
7. Mrs. Pauly P.R. 8078315929
8. Mrs. Ruby Benny 9847109973
9. Mrs. Leena Deenja N.G., Dept.of Physics(Secretary) 9446330463
10. Dr. Tinsy Tom Rose,Dept. of Commerce(Auditor) 8089416235
11. Dr. Newly Joseph, Dept. of Chemistry 8848423669
12. Mrs. BinuCorreya, Dept.of Zoology 8089215527
13. Dr. Liss Marie Das, Dept.of English 9946812524
14. Mrs. Swapna C Kombath, Dept.of Malayalam 9846101401
15. Dr. AparnaLakshmanan, Dept. of Mathematics 9847742405
16. Dr. Linda Louis, Dept. of Biochemistry 9497282218
17. Dr. Nisha P, Dept. of Botany 9447538254

Report of P.T.A. (2019-2020)

PTA has been strongly supporting all the academic and non academic activities of the college. The annual general body meeting was conducted on 06/02/2020, in which about 300 parents participated. A PTA executive committee was formed from the gathering, which consisted of the principal, 8 parents and 10 teachers. 4 executive committee meetings were held during the course of this academic year, in which many important issues were addressed. Following are the main activities done by the PTA during this year. As a part of upgrading all the classrooms into smart classes, 11 projectors were installed this year. 9 Desktops and 6 Laptops were distributed to various Departments for their smooth functioning.High Speed Digital 3 in 1 Printer Cannon IR-Adv 4545 III was contributed to exam section for printing online question papers for the students. A sum of 1 lakh rupees was allotted to Commerce research department for the infrastructure development.

An orientation class by Prof. C.D. Sebastian, who is a renowned motivational speaker, was held for the parents of 1st year degree students on 24/06/19 .In association with Jesus Youth,PTA arranged 2 days Exhibition “ Pro- Life” ( the Voice of unborn) on 10/10/19 and 11/10/19 for the students. 

Gold medals were awarded to the rank holders of various MPhil. , PG. and UG University Degree examinations. Cash prizes and certificates were distributed to the students who secured proficiency prizes in internal, Moral and Catechism examinations. Outstanding students of NSS, NCC, tourism club, Sports, and Award winners were honored with cash prizes / awards.  

A sum of Rs. 50000 was given to NSS and NCC during their joint venture to support flood affected families in Puthumala, Vayanad. Rs 1 lakh was allotted to construct a house for our first year UG student who lost her house completely in flood. The PTA donated Rs.25000 to meet the financial expenses of   the NSS van that is being used for their Pain and Palliative Care activities. A sum of Rs 10,000 was given for the conduction of NSS camp. A sum of 1.5 lakh rupees was allotted to PG departments for purchasing Library books .PTA had also given financial support for the International Seminar conducted by the Departments of commerce, English and Physics. Rupees 1 lakh was given to meet the expenses of Youth Festival and Rs 50000 for the All Kerala Inter collegiate Basket Ball and Volley Ball Tournament conducted by  the college. The coaches of volleyball, basketball, kabadi and swimmers club were honored by awarding cash prizes.