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Institution’s Innovation Council

Innovation & Startup Policy

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) is a unique model based on Hub-Spoke and coherence approach to align with the innovation and entrepreneurship promotion and support programs are being organized by various departments and ensures round the year activities in campus for effective engagement, learning and practicing innovation and entrepreneurship among student and faculty community. The IIC is registered under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).


Sl.No. Name of the Member Member Type(Teaching/ Non – Teaching / External Key Role/ Position Assigned in IIC
1 Prof. Dr. Milon Franz Teaching Head of the Institution
2 Dr. Sr Stella KA Teaching President
3 Dr. Revathy S Teaching Convener
4 Ms.Shereena John Teaching Convener
5 Dr.Tinsy Rose Tom Teaching Innovation Activity Coordinator
6 Ms. Asmy Antony Teaching Start-up Activity Coordinator
7 Dr.  Resmi Varghese Teaching Internship Activity Coordinator
8 Dr.AnuAnto Teaching IPR Activity Coordinator
9 Sonia John Markose Teaching Social Media Coordinator
10 Dr. Sheena Xavier Teaching NIRF Coordinator
11 Dr. VandanaAravindan Teaching Member
12 Dr. Liss Marie Das Teaching Member
13 Dr. Anila N Teaching Member
14 Dr. Jaya Kuruvila Teaching Member

National INNOVATION and STARTUP Policy:

St. Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva has joined the Campaign of Implementing National Innovation and Startup Policy with Higher Educational Institutions across the Nation to actively engage students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. An Awareness session on National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP) for Students and Faculties of St Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva was conducted on 29/11/2019 under the Institutions’ Innovation Council.  Dr Revathy. S, Dr Sheena Xavier, Dr Liss Marie Das, Dr Tinsy Rose Tom, Mrs Asmy Antony, Mrs Sonia John Markose internal IIC coordinators served as resource persons. A total of 387 members participated (360 Students and 27 Faculty )  Click here

IIC 5 Meeting