About the Department

Born with the college in 1964, the Department of English trails a magnificent history crowning several undergraduate and postgraduate batches with excellence and value. The Department offers B A, M A and Ph.D programmes that envision the holistic development of the student community. It shows keen interest in indoctrinating literary interests and critical attitude among the students.

The undergraduate course, B A in English Language and Literature and the Postgraduate course, M.A. in English Language and Literature were introduced in 1993 and 2001 respectively. In 2017 Mahatma Gandhi University recognized the Department as a Research Centre and it has four research guides and seventeen research scholars. The students have brought laurels to the department by winning University ranks, NET and JRF for years. To top it all, many of our alumni are working as teachers in various colleges and Universities both inside and outside Kerala.

The department has a faculty profile rich in academic excellence. Our faculty includes 10 permanent teachers. Out of them, five are Ph.D. degree holders and the rest are research scholars. The Principal of the College is a faculty member from the Department who is also an approved Research Guide of M G University. The faculty has published over 60 research articles in peer reviewed national and international journals.

Along with the regular courses, the Department also offers Add-on Courses in Aviation and Hospitality Management, Life skill and Personality Development, Phonetics and Content Writing. Every year, the department organizes classes, seminars and workshops on research methodology and literary theory. The department also organizes numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities to enhance the budding creative talents of the students. The department is committed to the holistic growth of our students and their evolution into socially concerned and globally competent individuals. Simultaneously, we also train them to excel in their chosen fields and careers. Students are also motivated to do research and projects, in addition to regular seminar presentations and peer teaching.

  • Fostering new knowledge practices and aesthetic expressions in response to the changing world and develop an and appreciation for language, literature and research
  • Reconstructing learning strategies into innovative and student-centric approaches
  • Expanding opportunities to enable students to acquire professional skills and career competence

Add on Courses

  1. Addon course on Life skill and Personality Development
  2. Add on Course on Phonetics
  3. Add on Course on Content Writing
  4. Add on cum Diploma course in Aviation and Hospitality Management

 These are the courses we envision to offer during the academic year 2024-25

 UGC Certificate course on Soft Skills and Professional Enhancement

  1. UGC Certified Diploma course in Counselling skills and Family Therapies
  2. Add on cum Diploma course in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  3. Add on course on Art, Music and Fashion Entrepreneurship


For the undergraduate programme from this academic year onwards, we will be offering English as the Major,  Political Science and English as the Minor subjects, New Media Studies and Literature and Kerala Renaissance as Multi Disciplinary Courses and also Skills in English for employability, English for Careers,, Critical Thinking and A ademic Writing etc to make students globally competent.

For further queries: english@stxaviersaluva.ac.in