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Beyond the Class rooms – Cells and Activities

The institution strives not only for academic excellence but also to lead the students to develop their hidden talents and abilities. Such activities definitely provide positive experience to the students. These cells were framed after identifying the various needs of the students. These cells play an important role in voicing opinions on important matters that affect the daily life of our students. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate and share their views.

Women Cell – Created to turn the institute into a gender-sensitive space, the women cell of our college has come a long way. It has come to symbolize a sanctum for our students. It is also the sign of progression and open thinking. In a women’s institute like ours, this cell  becomes the source of their strength and offers students  different perspectives on gender issues.

Placement & Career guidance Cell – focuses on reinforcement and advise to encourage the students to reach out their goals.  It focuses on students strength and weakness spreading the self awareness, decision making skills, planning skills, personality  development etc.

 Counseling Cell – The counseling cell is formulated with the intension to provide emotional support to needy students and staff to manage their lives successfully. Today’s world is highly competitive; students of this age are experiencing social, personal and academic problems in their day to day life. The growing pressure to excel everywhere may leads to emotional or psychological uncertainty. The cell provides a confidential atmosphere in which the students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns thy may have. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self-awareness and to overcome problems.

 Monitoring Cell – This cell was formed to monitor the students regularity & discipline; To enable the parents to know about the performance & regularity of their wards.

Anti Ragging Cell – This Cell looks into the grievances of the freshers . Two senior members of the teaching faculty and a senior member of the administrative staff make up this cell. The Committee takes these complaints seriously and corrective measures are taken immediately.

Anti Narcotic Cell – Anti-narcotic cell was formed to curb the menace of substance abuse among youngsters and it envisages every student of the college to be goal oriented and innovative in protecting oneself and others against drugs and alcohol. The activities of this cell include sensitization programmes through awareness classes, campaigns, poster exhibitions etc

Gender Equality Cell – Gender disparities are no longer silent subjects. Education is the biggest field to introduce any massive change in society. This cell was framed with the hope of  spreading awareness about gender equality at all levels.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell – All grievances and complaints brought forward by students, staff, and faculty with regard to sexual harassment are overseen by this cell.

Grievance and Redressal Cell – This Committee has the authority to settle grievances raised by the students of the College. A complaint box is set up for this purpose in each block. The Cell functions according to the norms and procedures laid down by the University.