B.Sc. Zoology Model I

Established in 1968, the Department of Zoology, is one of the oldest departments of the College offering undergraduate programmes in Zoology. It has a well-equipped library, research lab, classrooms with LCD projection system and a museum with a repository of invertebrate and vertebrate specimens. The department laboratory is kept open for school students under the Navadarshan Junior Scientists Programme of the Archdiocese of Verapoly.

The department is always abuzz with a plethora of activities from  seminars/workshops to enable the students to interact with scientists/researchers to annual visits to renowned institutions, laboratories and wildlife sanctuaries. Field study through field-based projects and surveys in association with Kerala Forest Department and other agencies provides them with practical knowledge as well as  sensitise the students to the value of existing biodiversity and the need for wildlife conservation.Through the Citizen Science projects our students help scientists in recording and analysing data. 

The department also has a holistic plan when it comes to academics. Each year, the first year undergraduate students are given special training through bridge courses to acquaint them with laboratory instruments, techniques and biosafety protocols. The Department also offers an add on Course in Household Waste Management. The department also  strives to inculcate research aptitude among students through projects and research papers  and social bonding through community service. 

The faculty of the department actively engage in research and are regular recipients of  grants from various funding agencies such as Kerala State Science Technology & Environment (KSCSTE), University Grants Commission (UGC) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT). The department is also funded by DBT under the DBT- STAR programme( from 2018 onwards).


B.Sc. Zoology– Model I
  • Core Course: Zoology
  • Complementary Courses : Botany and Chemistry
  • Open Course- Vocational Zoology
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Zoology Model II

The Department of Zoology also offers undergraduate programme in Zoology (Model II) with Medical Microbiology as vocational subject and Biochemistry as complementary subject  . This undergraduate programme was introduced in1999 and was regularised in 2010. The course aims to impart basic knowledge in the observation and study of nature, biological methods, experimental skills and scientific investigation, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of medical microbiology, research aptitude among learners and to unravel the potentialities of students with diversified characteristics. The department presently has five full time teaching faculty, one part time faculty and one lab assistant.

Well equipped with classrooms  with LCD projection system, laboratories for Zoology , Microbiology and Biochemistry, research lab, well-equipped library, microbial culture collection and a museum with a repository of invertebrate and vertebrate specimens, this course offers students with the much needed training. 

course highlights include:

  • On Job Training (OJT) programme on the latest state-of–the-art medical microbiological techniques through rigorous training in medical colleges or reputed hospitals.
  • Bridge course, a special training for first year students to acquaint them with laboratory instruments, techniques and biosafety protocols
  • Add on Course in Household Waste Management. 
  • Seminars/workshops are organized on a regular basis to enable the students to interact with scientists/researchers.
  • Institutional and laboratory visits are done every year as a part of the curriculum. 
  • Nature camps, field-based projects and nature surveys in wildlife sanctuaries and nearby ecosystems are also encouraged for learning in the field experience in association with Kerala Forest Department and other agencies. 
  • Citizen Science projects in which students collaborate with the scientists of national institutes like NIO and CMFRI in recording and analysing data. 



 For  any further queries mail us @ zoology.vocation@stxaviersaluva.ac.in