Funded Research Projects 2017-2020

Sl. No. Name of Principal/Co Investigator Duration of project Name of the research  project Amount / Fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient
1 Dr. Aparna Lakshmanan 3 years Problems Related to Applications of Graph Theory to Networks 10,23,000/- KSCSTE 2016 Mathematics
2 Dr.K.Manjusha 2 years  Major Project KSCSTE-Diversity and Biotic Potential of Yeasts from the Mangroves of Central Kerala Rs.12,51,800/- KSCSTE 2017 Zoology
3 Dr Nisha P & Dr. Baby Divya 3 years Taxonomic and Molecular studies on the genus Selaginella (family Selaginellaceae) in India Rs. 31,77,017/- DST 2017 Botany & Zoology
4 Dr. Baby Divya 2 years Bacterial Diversity Associated with mangrove diversity in sediments of Cochin backwaters Rs. 13,66,200/- KSCSTE 2018 Zoology
5 Dr. Baby Divya 1 year Study on the effect of leaf litter on protozoan populations- a microcosm approach Rs. 8,00,000/- DBT 2018 Zoology
6 Dr Nisha P 1 year Invitro antidiabetic studies on alpha amylase and glycosidase inhibitory activities of selected species of Passiflora Rs. 6,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Botany
7 Dr. Anila N 1  year Role of stress metabolites in the adaptability of selected mangroves of coastal areas of Vypin Ernakulam Dist Rs.6,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Botany
8 Asmy Antony 1 year Extraction of zinc oxide nanoparticles from vegetable peel waste and analysis of their toxical efficiency antifungal and antibacterial activities Rs. 10,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Chemistry
9 Beena Varghese 1 year Characterization and comparison of essential oils extracted from clove & nutmeg through traditional methods and their antimicrobial activity Rs.6,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Chemistry
10 Shenya Festus 1 year The study on the effect of temperature, concentration and catalyst in the production of oxalic acid from paddy and rice husk Rs.10,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Chemistry
11 Dr.Sr. Stella K A 2 year Preparation of medicinal soap using the leaf extract of Punica granatum (pomegranate) and Simarauba glauca (lakshmi taru) Rs.8,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Chemistry
12 Dr.Vimala George 1 Year Sythesis and characterisation of ZnO thin film  Rs.9,000/-  KSCSTE 2017 Physics
13 Jonis V C 1 Year Structural and Optical Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nano particles Rs.9,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Physics
14 Dr. Anu Anto 1 Year Identification of best ovitrap installation sites, attractants and repellants for gravid Aedes sp mosquito Rs. 5,000/- KSCSTE 2017 Zoology
15 Dr.Aneymol V.S 1 Year Effect of herbal and fluoride based toothpaste Streptococcus mutans-a comapritive study Rs.7000/- KSCSTE 2017 Zoology