All India Catholic University Federation ( AICUF)

“We are born in an unjust society, we are determined not to leave as we find it” is the motto of AICUF.

Genesis & Legacy

  •  AICUF is an organization of  university students. The movement was started in 1924, at St.Joseph’s College, Thiruchirappalli by Fr. Carty, SJ. Currently it operates in 14 states of India. The organization is affiliated to Pax-Romana, an international association of catholic professionals.
  • The Catholic Young Men Guild (CYMG), started by a group of college students with the guidance of Fr. P. Carty SJ at St.Joseph’s College, Trichy was an organization in the tradition of ‘Catholic Action’. The guild had the following principal aims: a) the spirit of Christian Brotherhood b) informed catholic mind c) application of catholic principles to social problems Study clubs were main units for functioning.
  • The Rally, the student magazine accompanied the guild from its inception. It was then merged with the MCYL (Malabar Catholic Youth League) that was founded by Fr. Honore SJ in 1915. CYMG was renamed as CYMF (Catholic Young Men Federation). In 1937 CYMF grew far and wide in the Southern part of India and got re-christened itself as SICUF.
  • SICUF became AICUF in 1949 as a national level student movement and got recognized by CBCI (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India). AICUF publishes an alternative student monthly ‘THE RALLY’ in English. The Rally is a mouth piece of AICUF. It deals with the current educational, social, cultural and political scenario of the country on various themes.


AICUF structure is geared to ensure it mass student’s movement character. The AICUF functions at the National, State, Regional and Unit levels. The state is the primary decision making body in AICUF. The various states are linked at the national level as members of a federation.