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B.A Communicative English

Under Graduate Courses


The course B.A. English Literature and Communication Studies (Model III, Double Main)was launched at St. Xavier’s College in 1995. It is a double main with equal emphasis on literature and media studies therefore provides students the opportunity, flexibility and basic skill sets required to choose any of these disciplines for higher studies. The course seeks to teach communication/language skills in interpersonal relations as well as train students in print, broadcast and web journalism. Apart from communication studies, the focus on literature enables students to use language for specific as well as aesthetic purposes. The courses are typically
conducted through a combination of lectures, seminars, screenings, internships, industry visits, as well as written and practical assignments. Working as an intern in an organization while studying provides the students opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using the real tools, equipment and documents.


Scope & Features

Bachelors programme in English Literature and Communication Studies provides hands on experience in the realm of radio and journalism with Radio Xav and Xav Voice, as a result of which our students have consistently performed well in their internships with eminent media houses. Over the past couple of years, our students have produced  short films and documentaries which gave them a chance to experiment with the visual medium. They also receive training in  production of  short films, scriptwriting, composing shots, camera movements, editing and post production. The curriculum also includes Visual Media Studies and Public Relations. Workshops and interactive sessions are held by eminent experts to give the students a concrete idea about the immense field of communication and its vast potential.

Job Opportunities

  • Master of Arts in Communicative English.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Communicative English.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • Master of Arts in English.
  • Master of Arts in Mass Communication.

Under Graduate Courses