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BA English

Under Graduate Courses


The Department of English, established in 1964, started offering B.A. English Language and Literature course since 1993.  The syllabus of the course underwent revisions periodically and the present syllabus was implemented in 2017.

English studies was introduced in India long before English became a respectable subject of study even in England. Proficiency in all the aspects of the English Language is the need of the day, as English language has emerged as a global language of international communication, the media and the internet and will enhance one’s career opportunities in India as well as abroad. 

Specific programme outcomes and course outcomes are designedto enhance skill learning. The undergraduate programme will enable the learners to master the skills needed for higher studies as well as to take up jobs immediately after completing their course.

Two complementary courses,offered  are namely Political Science and British History.  End semester project gives practice in scientific writing and research.

Job Opportunities

Some of the job options after the completion of the course are as teacher, journalist, civil servant, copywriter, content writer, HR Executive andscriptwriter. The students can also opt for their Masters in various disciplinesand opt for degrees like LLB, MBA and Mass Communication.


Under Graduate Courses