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Commerce Self- Financing


B.Com –Computer Application (Self Financing)

         The demand for a dynamic, skilled and potential graduate or post graduate in Commerce is inevitable in every part of the Economy. Along with the spirit of the ‘Xaverian’ vision of empowerment of women through academic excellence and spiritual enlightenment The Department of B.Com Computer Application nurtures  scholars as responsible women and resourceful global citizens, committed to national and cultural values. St Xavier’s College for Women, Aluva, started its Self Financing department of B.Com Computer Application on 2013 July 15 with 40 students and 2 teachers. The programme aims to build a strong foundation in theory and practice to make each student well fit for employment and higher studies. The department produced excellent records in academics as well as extra-curricular activities since its nascency.  The department is keen in overall development of the students and instructs them through innovative teaching learning practices. The student friendly atmosphere all-around the campus is an added advantage to explore new levels of information like automation in the field of management. The B.Com Computer application course curriculum also supports the students to perform well in industry by giving them hands on training.




        B.Com. in Taxation is an undergraduate course in accounts. The length of the course is 3 years. The course covers the investigation of standards of bookkeeping, monetary arranging and monetary hypothesis alongside a specific concentrate on tax assessment which is named as a procedure of imposing a financial charge (tax) on the subjects who earn ‘taxable’ income. B.Com. in Taxation degree course prepares students for a professional qualification in taxation, finance, and accounting and provides a solid base in the field of Taxation, Accounting and Finance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership / managerial role in the financial sector.

B.COM – Co-Operation (S\F)

          From the academic year (2020-2021) onwards the Department of Commerce (S|F)St. Xavier’s college for Women has added a new course,B.Com Co –Operation, to its wings. This specialization course is best suited for candidates who are looking for opportunities in co-operative enterprise, managing a business, and voluntary sector organizations etc. These aspirants will get more opportunities in government jobs, like work at the local/state level or the central level, administer and formulate budgets, for the co-operative groups. The key job profiles after B.Com co-operative course are Budget Analysts, Entrepreneurship/Own Business, Financial Analyst, Investment Analysts etc.This course content will groom students in order to fill the supply-demand gap in the fields of commerce.

Post graduate Department of Commerce –Finance and Taxation (Self Financing)

With its genesis on October 30, 2014, the Postgraduate department of commerce began  functioning with Finance Management as specialization. From 2019 onwards the course offered  specialization in Finance and Taxation.  The programme aims to build a strong foundation in theory and practice to make each student well fit for employment and higher studies. 

The department ensures that its students attain extensive knowledge enhancement through innovative teaching learning practices. The Department aims at maintaining academic excellence and equipping students with the skills necessary to face the challenges of the business world. Therefore the department is very keen in developing the students with practical knowledge in accounting and management practices.