Jasmine Gonsalvez

Jasmine Gonsalvez

Lecturer Selection Grade

Professional Summary

Mrs Jasmine Gonsalvez,Lecturer Selection Grade in the Department of English, St Xavier’s College for Women,Aluva has been in service from 1996 onwards.

Posts Held

  1. Staff Secretary
  2. College Student Advisor
  3. WWS Mentor
  4. PTA executive member
  5. Tourism club Coordinator
  6. Peace club in charge
  7. College magazine Editorial Board
  8. NSS Programme Officer


  1. Echoing Eco-feminism in Requiem for the Living.International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR),June 2019,Volume 6,Issue 2.ISSN-2349-5138.
  2. Jeevichirikkunnavaru Vendiyulla Oppees:Reflected and Deflected Identities of Anglo-Indian Women. JAC:A Journal of Composition Theory, Volume X111, Issue 11,February 2020.ISSN: 0731-6755.
  3. Redefining Stereotypes of Anglo Indian Women in Select movies. Alochana Chakra Journal. Volume IX ,Issue V, May 2020,ISSN No:2231-3990


Certified Master Trainer of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP),Department of Education, Government of Kerala.

Books Edited/Published

Published a Book titled-The Last Emeralds.