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Ms. Bindu P.K

Ms. Bindu P.K

Assistant Professor on Contract

Professional Summary

Ms.Bindu P.K.  is serving St.Xaviers college for women,Aluva as Assistant professor in PG Department of Commerce (S/F) since 2013.She started her teaching career in 2011 as a guest faculty.She possesses a teaching experience of 6 years.

She was working as union advisor during 2019-20 in Morning Star Home Science College,Angamaly and convener of national seminars and webniars.She has 9 international and one national paper publication. 




  1. “Role of Extraversion Personality on Mutual Investment Decision” Studies in Indian Place Names,Vol-40 Issue 3 February 2020,[ISSN: 2394-3114](UGC care list journal)
  2. “Saving and Investment behavior of Permanent College Teachers in Kerala with special reference to Arts and Science Colleges” Research Revolution International journal of Social Science & Management,Vol.7,Issue 7,April 2017. [ISSN-2319-300X]
  3. “Analysis of Investment pattern of college teachers in Kerala”. Bindu P.K page no-87-89,International Journal of Advanced Research and Development.Vol.2,Issue.2,March 2017[ISSN 2455-4030]
  4. “Usage of E-Banking services among Rural Customers in Kerala.” Bindu P.K. page no 90-95,International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology,Vol.2,Issue 4 ,April-2017[ISSN-2456-2165]
  5. “Game Challenger- is really a challenge to India?”,Bindu no-27-29,Research Revolution International journal of Social Science & Management,Vol.4,Issue 10,July 2016. [ISSN-2319-300X]
  6. “Ergonomics- a new area need development?”,Bindu P.K. page no.25-28,International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services & Management Research,Vol.5(7) July 2016.[ISSN 2277-3622]
  7. “An analytical study of the Startup Village in  Kalamassery”,Bindu P.K. page no-15-18,Star-research reach Inter-Intra Disciplinary International Journal, Vol.8:No.1 June 2016 [ISSN 0975-5101]
  8. “A study on importance and popularity of plastic money in Aluva” ,Bindu P.K.  ,page  no51-58,ISOR Journal of Economics and Finance,Vol.7,Issue:1 (Version-II),Jan-Feb 2016 [ P-ISSN: 2321-5925 and e-ISSN:2321-5933]
  9. “Licensing of new banks in the private sector –is it a correct decision?”,Bindu P.K. page no1-8, Star-research reach Inter-Intra Disciplinary International Journal, Vol.7,No.2 December 2015. [ISSN 0975-5101]

National -1

  1. “A study on CSR Rules under Companies Act,2013”Bindu no 39-44,proceedings of the UGC sponsored National Seminar on ‘ Role of Corporate Social Responsibility on modern business era’ [ISBN : 978-81-927911-5-9]