Botany Syllabus

B.Sc Botany

Botany-MODEL-I-2017 (detailed syllabus)


Sem. Course


Course code Course title
I Core BO1CRT01 Methodology of Science and an Introduction to


II Core BO2CRT02 Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Pathology
III Core BO3CRT03 Phycology and Bryology
IV Core BO4CRT04 Pteridology, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
V Core BO5CRT05 Anatomy, Reproductive Botany, Microtechnique
Core BO5CRT06 Research methodology, Biophysics and


Core BO5CRT07 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Core BO5CRT08 Environmental sciences and Human Rights
Open BO5OPT01 1. Agri-based microenterprises
Open BO5OPT02 2. Horticulture and Nursery management
Open BO5OPT03 3. Ecotourism
VI Core BO6CRT09 Genetics, Plant Breeding and Horticulture
Core BO6CRT10 Cell and Molecular Biology
Core BO6CRT11 Angiosperm morphology, Taxonomy and

Economic Botany

Core BO6CRT12 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Elective BO6PET01 1. Agribusiness
Elective BO6PET02 2. Plant Genetic Resources Management
Elective BO6PET03 3. Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy
Project BO6PRT01 Investigatory project work done individually or in


I Compl. 1 BO1CMT01 Cryptogams, Gymnosperms and Plant Pathology
II Compl. 2 BO2CMT02 Plant Physiology
III Compl. 3 BO3CMT03 Angiosperm Taxonomy and Economic Botany
IV Compl. 4 BO4CMT04 Anatomy and Applied Botany